Candy Goldstein resides in New Jersey. Funny accent optional; free knuckle sandwich with or without purchase.

 She is a too-infrequent Rescue Rangers fan author and artist, Plato Award nominee, compiler of Everything Rescue Ranger, and her greatest contribution to the world seems to be an argument in the CDRR community over motor oil. Her time is devoted mostly to any hamster she may currently have, AFK vending on Ragnarok Online, and her system administrator. In fact, she married him.

 She enjoys sushi and Anime and most any token Japanese culture, massive Engrish enlargement, writing and creative endeavours, booze, her own enduring perversity, and soulmatesmanship. She dislikes Jersey drivers, nicotine, and [insert name of latest dork on her favored messageboard here]. She has been known to steal people's writing styles. 

 Candy is waiting to go on honeymoon.


My major Rescue Rangers projects:

What's the excuse:
Everything Rescue Ranger, 1996
ERR is too far behind to be rescued in its current form. Someday I may update it, but for now it's taking a backseat. v_v
Gadget's Notable Adventures in Toontown, 1993
Dead. It was a step on the journey to my personal growth, it's no longer needed, not a useful contribution to the world at large, and rather embarrassing. Kaboom!
R3PG, demo - no timeframe
Currently in progress.

My major Ragnarok Online projects:
Excused which some currently is:
Levelling my blacksmith
Yeah, guess I should do that sometime.
Animation Parody Subs
Episode 01 here. Future episodes may be after R3PG demo.
GM's Lament
Awaiting a hardware purchase. Probably late 2004.
Bryn Mawr's bloggybloggy
Clickyhere in Orcish a styled view your wondrus life!


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